Distinguish your brand!

ArtFX 2000 specialises in graphic and web Design, illustration, as well as vinyl lettering and decals.

T's & C's

Logo Design Special Offer 

  • Client chooses one of 3 logos designed, once a design is chosen, minor tweaks will be made.
  • Colour, font etc. get tweaked
  • The final design is supplied on disk or via email, printing not included.
  • Corporate Identity (letterhead, business cards will be designed at an optional cost).

Web Design Special Offer (5 pages)

  • All content for the client's site has to be supplied by client (logo, pictures, content, etc.)
  • If client does not have a logo, one can be designed (at optional cost).
  • The setup of mailboxes is included in this offer.
  • Basic SEO is included in this limited offer.
  • A basic contact form is included in this offer.
  • A temporary URL will be set up so that client can see progress from anywhere in real time.
  • This offer DOES NOT include e-commerce websites. 
  • A 50% deposit is required before work will commence, the balance will be due on completion.
  • The client has to register the desired URL and commit to the payment for the web hosting from the chosen ISP.
  • URL registration and hosting costs not included in Web Design by ArtFX 2000.
  • Websites exceeding 5 pages do not qualify for the Web Design Special Offer.

All other design work will be charged at R450 an hour or part thereof.